Timeline for House Tynnan

Six thousand years before Aegon’s Landing, the Andals invaded Westeros and established the six southern kingdoms of Westeros. The Arryn family settles in the Mountains and Vale.

-1000 : At the time of the Rhoynar invasion within the southern Kingdom of Dorne, house Arryn was facing complications with the First Men remnants that became the clansmen of the Mountains of the Moon.

Notes: The raids and skirmishes would follow from this time forward until the present day. To this day, the roads through the mountains are considered very dangerous and few travel these roads without a proportionate sized guard.

History of House Tynnan

-765 : Ector Stone; bastard son of King Harlan Arryn, was born in a brothel in what today would be known as Gull Town.

Notes: Ector will go on to form House Tynnan, which is the house our game will revolve around.

-762 : Tyn Arryn; third born son of King Harlan Arryn, was born within the Vale.

-745 : Ector Stone was Knighted after coming to the aid of his master. Sir Morton Royce was wounded during a siege by the Burned Men at Bloody Gate. This was the first attack of the new allied clans of the Mountains of the Moon; but it would not be the last. This war would continue for many years to come.

Event 1 of 7: Kinship Builds Foundation for the House


-746 : Sir Ector Stone and Sir Tyn Arryn would meet for the first time as allies on the battlefield against the allied clans. It didn’t take long for Tyn to learn that Ector was his half-born brother. The two would go on to fight together for the next ten years. Tyn would go on to become the General of the army, and Ector would serve as his advisor.

-735 : At the turn of Winter, Sir Ector Stone would be summoned to the Vale to stand before his father for the first time. Expecting punishment for impersonating a superior officer and assuming command that was not his to lead, Ector prepared to face the worse. Instead, his father would publically reveal the boy’s lineage, and offer him Lordship over a small fiefdom near the mountains and shore.

Event 2 of 7: The Clansman Invasion


-715 : The Burned Men Clan was the first of the Mountain of the Moon Clans to lay siege on the lands of the Lordship of the Tynnan family.

Over the course of a year, all of the common settlements that House Tynnan was charged to rule over were sacked. The buildings were set ablaze; the men and children were killed. The women were taken as trophies, often raped and killed before they returned to their own strongholds.

Lord Kevan Tynnan was unable to support the settlements, and set about on a campaign to collect the remnants from the ravages of his lands and returned them to the safety of his castle. For the next fifteen years, Kevan Tynnan would lead a defensive campaign against the Burned Men Clan until the invaders were no longer an active threat.

From this day forward, the Castle of House Tynnan would be known as The Ridgewatch due to it’s placement against a ridge of the Mountains of the Moon.

Event 3 of 7: Aegon’s Landing – The War of Conquest


Year 1 : – The War of Conquest came to right onto the doorstep of House Tynnan, as the foreign invaders marched their soldiers north from King’s Landing onto the battlefield. House Tynnan was one of the first lines of defense against the invaders for the Vale, succeeding in small victories against Aegon’s Landing.

It wasn’t until the Dragons were unleashed by the invaders, that Lord John Tynnan ordered his people into the confines of the Ridgewatch. Again, the walls of Ridgewatch stood as the final set of walls that prevented the fall of House Tynnan. And there they remained until news had settled that House Arryn had taken a knee before Aegon, declaring him High King over the Vale.

Though this was hard for John Tynnan to swallow, he understood that his lands were but spoils of war for the invaders. He would have to ignore his ideals in order to preserve his family. The invasions over the years had left his lands impoverished and undesirable. Through clever political tactics, House Tynnan would find it’s Ascent into the Game of Thrones.

Aegon would go on to become the High King of Westeros, ruling six of the seven kingdoms. He would die before Dorne would be conquered.

Event 4 and 5 of 7: The Dance of the Dragons & The Reign of King Daeron I and the Conquering of Dorne


129 : The Dance of Dragons started this year. It was the first major Westerosi civil war, between Aegon II and his half-sister for control of the Iron Throne.

During this time, House Tynnan would marry Emeria into one of the minor bloodlines of House Targaryen; establishing itself closer to the royal bloodline than it has ever been. This political move would prove even more advantageous, as Aegon the II wins the terrible conflict against his sister.

131 : Though the last of the Dragons were lost, this would also mark the birth year of Tyn Tynnan. Tyn was the second son of Lord Brandon Tynnan, a knight, strategist and hero of the Dance of the Dragons war.

155 : Ser Tyn Tynnan would be honored with a position in the Kingsguard. As Tyn was the second son without the right of heir, he quickly took such a prestigious offer.


156 : The Reign of King Daeron I was an important point in history for House Tynnan as it is the only point in history that the position of the Hand of the King would be held by a member of House Tynnan.

Tyn Tynnan, brother of Lord Goff Tynnan; would be seen as a prestigious political figure within Westeros after offering his tactics against Dorne to King Daeron. Ser Tyn had served as a member of the King’s Guard for only a year at the point he decided to take a chance to speak out of line in the King’s Council. Normally, this would be a grave mistake; but Tyn was an articulate and well respected figure in King’s Landing. He was often quiet and calculating, speaking only when there was something worth saying.

His plans were successful in the Campaign against Dorne, and though many losses were suffered, Dorne would be brought under the rule of House Targaryen. King Daeron I would soon raise Tyn to the position of the Hand. As Tyn was no warrior, he was left to rule King’s Landing while Daeron fought the war of Dorne.

161 : Dorne would regain independence after several bloody years of revolt against Daeron I’s rule. Daeron I is said to have died in battle against a particularly skilled Dornish foe.

With the King dead, Tyn would attempt to find his place serving Daeron’s brother, but would fail to do so. Tyn was found dead within his bed chamber just a few short months after Daeron’s death. They say it was a peaceful death, albeit unexpected.

Though House Tynnan would never again hold such a powerful position, they had successfully established themselves as a minor house of significant standing in Westeros.

The Declien of House Targaryen

ca. 170 : Prince Daeron, second cousin of Baelor I, and Princess Myriah Martell of Dorne are married and have their first son, Prince Baelor.

172-184: Reign of Aegon IV the Unworthy. On his deathbed Aegon IV legitimises his ‘Great Bastards’: Daemon Blackfyre, Aegor Rivers, Brynden Rivers and Shiera Seastar. He is succeeded by his son, Daeron II, but his legitimacy is called into question due to his mother’s close relationship with Aemon the Dragonknight.

195-196 : The Blackfyre Rebellion is fought, which ends at the Battle of Redgrass Field. Daemon Blackfyre is killed by Bloodraven, but several of his sons escape to the Free Cities with Bittersteel.

197 : Dorne formally joins the Seven Kingdoms through the marriage of Daeron II’s sister to Prince Moran Martell.

209 : The events of The Hedge Knight take place. Prince Baelor ‘Breakspear’ Targaryen, the heir to the throne, is killed in a tourney mishap. A few months later, King Daeron II and Baelor’s two sons die in the Great Spring Sickness. Daeron II’s second son, Aerys I, becomes king. Prince Baelor’s nephew Aegon becomes squire to a hedge knight, Ser Duncan the Tall, in the hope of improving his mettle.

ca. 211 : The events of The Sworn Sword take place. House Webber and House Osgrey of the Reach become allies. Bloodraven has become the King’s Hand by this time, angering Prince Maekar, brother to Aerys and the late Baelor.

221-233 : The reign of King Maekar I after Aerys dies with no issue. During Maekar’s reign his eldest son Daeron dies of the pox and his second son Aerion “Brightflame” dies after drinking wildfire. His third son, Aemon, journeys to Oldtown to become a maester. Maekar dies battling an outlaw king. Aemon refuses the crown and removes himself to the Wall. Prince Aegon becomes Aegon V, the Unlikely as he is the fourth son of a fourth son. Bloodraven is exiled to the Wall, later becoming Lord Commander.

ca. 255-260 : The War of the Ninepenny Kings erupts when the Band of Nine, including Maelys Blackfyre, conquers the Free City of Tyrosh and the Stepstones before plotting an attack on the Seven Kingdoms. Barristan Selmy kills Maelys. Brynden Tully distinguishes himself in the war.

259-262 : The Tragedy of Summerhall. The Targaryen summer palace burns down. King Aegon V and others are killed. Prince Rhaegar Targaryen is born to Aegon’s grandson Prince Aerys and his sister-wife Rhaella. Jaehaerys II succeeds Aegon but dies only a few years later. Aerys II becomes king, naming the young Tywin Lannister as his Hand.

ca. 270-280 : King Aerys spurns Tywin Lannister’s offer of his daughter Cersei for Prince Rhaegar, instead marrying Rhaegar to Princess Elia Martell of Dorne. The Defiance of Duskendale takes place when House Darklyn refuses to pay taxes to the Iron Throne. Aerys, eager to sort out the situation himself, ends up being taken prisoner. Duskendale is besieged for six months before Barristan Selmy manages to free the king. House Darklyn is destroyed and House Rykker takes over the town. It is said that it was the Defiance that began Aerys’ descent into madness. Around this time Prince Rhaegar begins corresponding with Maester Aemon and ponders if he is the “Prince Who Was Promised”, who shall be reborn to fight the great darkness when it returns. Later they conclude the prince is actually Rhaegar’s baby son, Aegon.

281 : The Year of False Spring. Defeat of the Kingswood Brotherhood by a number of knights commanded by a detachment of the Kingsguard. Arthur Dayne kills the leader of the Brotherhood. Jaime Lannister distinguishes himself in the battle and is knighted. Lord Whent holds a great tourney at Harrenhal, where Prince Rhaegar distinguishes himself in battle, but names Lyanna Stark (betrothed to Robert Baratheon) Queen of Love and Beauty rather than his own wife. Eddard Stark meets and befriends Howland Reed of Greywater Watch. Jaime becomes a member of the Kingsguard and is disinherited by his father. Tywin Lannister resigns the Handship in angry protest and returns to Casterly Rock.

Historic Event: Robert’s Rebellion

Rhaegar Targaryen abducts Lyanna Stark from King’s Landing. Lyanna’s brother and father demand that Aerys discipline his son, but instead the Mad King kills them both. Eddard Stark, Robert Baratheon and their mentor, Jon Arryn, raise the standard of rebellion. Robert claims the throne through his descent from his great-grandfather, Aegon V. Robert’s Rebellion, also called the War of the Usurper, begins. Hoster Tully agrees to join the rebellion as well. The Tyrells remain loyal to the king and besiege Robert’s castle of Storm’s End, held by his brother Stannis. The Hand of the King, Jon Connington, is defeated in the Battle of the Bells and is sent into exile in the Free Cities. The rebel army defeats the royalists at the Battle of the Trident. Prince Rhaegar is killed. The Lannisters apparently march to the aid of King Aerys, but instead turn against him and sack the city. King Aerys is killed by Jaime Lannister. Princess Elia Martell and her children, Aegon and Rhaenys Targaryen, are brutally murdered by Lannister bannermen, causing a rift between Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon. Ned Stark and Howland Reed defeat the Kingsguard holding Lyanna prisoner, only to find her dying. Ned and Robert are reconciled. Robert becomes King of the Seven Kingdoms, marrying Cersei Lannister. Ned returns home to Winterfell with his bastard son, Jon Snow. Loyal Targaryen retainers carry Aerys’ two youngest children, Prince Viserys and Princess Daenerys, to safety in the Free Cities.

House Tynnan were active supporters of Lord John Arryn during the rebellion, fighting a defensive battle against House Targaryn on the borders of the Mountains of the Moon.

Event 6 of 7: The Chaos following Robert’s Rebellion – The Invasion of Ridgewatch Lands

284-286 : The immediate effects of the fall of House Targaryen caused a ripple effect of dissention and chaos throughout the land. Though there were many who supported Robert in his rebellion, the loss of the iron hold that the ancient royal bloodline had over Westeros quickly twisted into disorder. The King’s Road was no longer the safest highway to travel in Westeros. The once vast sentry of House Targaryen gave way to bandits and criminals all looking to take advantage of this era. More minor revolts took place this period than any other period in Westeros history.

286 : It was in this year that the great Clan Invasion of the Tynnan lands surrounding Ridgewatch transpired.

The Burned Men Clan returned with a fiercer invasion force than House Tynnan had ever seen, assaulting the Tynnan towns and hamlets from the north-west. The Burned Men seemed to have remembered their long rivalry with the keepers of Ridgewatch and brought that rivalry out into the invasion, wreaking havoc with no mercy and no quarter.

Every holding, town and hamlet saw devastation this year. House Tynnan reacted by launch a full frontal assault in an effort to drive the Burned Men out. But this effort was in vain. Many lives were lost in this assault.

Lord Ballick Tynnan fell to the Clan Leader of the Burned Men in singles combat. Amongst the other notable fallen were the Master of Arms; Sir Jonas Eban and the Captain of the House Guard; Sir Yeonric.

When Sir Daera took a great wound, the command quickly turned to Sir Otis, the youngest son of Sir Ballick. Sir Otis would go to great lengths to assure that all the commoners were collected before his forces retreated to Ridgewatch. This decision was a great controversy throughout the land and ultimately resulted in Sir Otis Tynnan being forced to take the black by his elder brother.

If this was not terrible news enough, it seemed to be a coordinated effort with another clan invading from the south-west. The second clan mentioned was unusual and unknown. They showed tactical competence that the mountain clans were not well known for. At first it was believed they were the painted men due to the paint they wore on their face, but several accounts by the late Maester Ludwig showed a vast difference in the style of the face painting, and other cultural aspects.

Sir Gregor, brother to Sir Ballick and Sir Gregory, son of Sir Ballick were left to react to the southern invasion. They did their best to stall a tactical invasion, but ultimately were without the provisions to see this accomplished. Sir Gregor would lose his sword arm. He would turn over to command to Sir Gregory who called for a retreat to Ridgewatch.

The fortification of Ridgewatch was too superior a defense for mountain clans to break through. And very few attempts were made to do so. Winter came, and the remnants of Tynnan lands survived on the castle stores.

Event 7 of 7: The Population Boom in Ridgewatch

287 : With the entire population gathered in Ridgewatch, a great number of women, common and noble alike; found themselves with child. This sort of thing was not altogether uncommon in times of troubles.

The campaign starts in the spring of this year, after a short winter (for Westeros at least). The Castle stores are nearly all drained and the state of the Tynnan lands outside of Ridgewatch are not entirely known.

With the death of Maester Ludgwig over the winter, a new Maester has been assigned to serve House Tynnan and awaits the armed escort in King’s Landing.

Sir Gregory Tynnan has volunteered to lead negotiations in King’s Landing for House Tynnan at the Grand Tourney hosted this spring. He set out with a up and coming Sworn Sword, Sir Uhric Baelish, His squire and last of his family line Camron Payton and his youthful page Lawson Baelish.

Sir Isaac Eban has been selected along with Jerrek to lead a small scouting force to determine the current status of the Burned Men. At Jerrek’s suggestion, the scouting party has taken a small detour to Gull Town to connect with a particular sell sword capable of serving as a guide through the Mountains of the Moon.

Timeline for House Tynnan

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