Every player character in Ballads of the Bay starts with seven points in relationships with other characters.

Relationships is a mechanic that represents significant relationships that will be played on screen. They represent both oaths of fealty and vows of vengeance. They represent the bond of brothers and the scorn of ex-lovers.

At least three of the seven points must be invested into relationships with other player character(s).

Choosing Relationships

It should be assumed that most characters are likely to have a great many relationships with numerous people. But the relationships invested into here represent relationships that are going to be significant in the game.

Each relationship should be attached with a key phrase that represents what the relationship is. Relationships are often one way, and for this mechanic; we assume they are. A player character might be madly in love with another, but said love may not be reciprocated at all.

When selecting a relationship at character creation, no relationship can start greater than three, though it is possible to obtain a four in a relationship through game play.
• 1: Represent a minor, but significant relationship.
• 2: Represents a moderate relationship connection.
• 3: Represents a strong relationship.
• 4: Represents an resolute relationship.

How to Use Relationship in Play

Whenever you roll dice for a purpose that seems to match one of your relationships, you may ask the GM if this relationship applies to the roll. The GM might ask for an explanation if it’s not obvious.
Should the GM accept, you now may a number of dice equal to this relationship into the dice pool as bonus dice.


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