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A Web of Loyalties

A Web of Loyalties is a Song of Ice & Fire campaign set in George R. R. Martin’s world of Westeros.

The Plot

The Campaign follows the perspective of four characters who are tied to House Tynnan of Ridgewatch, a Lord House sworn to the House Arryn of the Vale.

House Tynnan has been recently devastated by a war against two invading Clans from the Mountains of the Moon. Their lands are torn and broken, having suffered far greater losses than anticipated, including the death of Lord Ballick Tynnan.

In the aftermath, House Tynnan seeks recovery from the devastations of this war. To see this through, they need both greater knowledge of the enemy as well provisions that they currently do not hold.

This separation describes the very focus of the game. Two of the Perspective Characters will be leading a scouting party into the broken lands surrounding Ridgewatch to learn of the position and status of the enemy.

Meanwhile, the others will be working within King’s Landing at the time of a Grand Tourney. Such a tourney will bring many nobles powerful and petty from which the players will have the opportunity to politic and trade.

The Mechanics

Mechanics will be added to allow for users to have even greater control over storyline aspects than what the Destiny Points offer. In addition, the Perspective Character in Focus will be offered additional abilities to cooperatively narrate the storyline while remaining in focus.

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A Web of Loyalties