Perspective Characters


Each chapter in a Song of Ice & Fire series is named after a character rather than a sequential number. The chapter will be told through the perspective of the character. While this is nearly impossible to do in a Role Playing Game, we have come up with a set of advantages that result from it being your character’s perspective. These details are described below.

Perspective Character List


The perspective character will be in the center of what is occurring. If this proves impossible through choices made in play, we will improvise on the fly to make the best possible solution.

A Style Point can be spent to take the perspective away from the perspective character. This will be a brief side-chapter that will later return back to the main perspective character.

Perspective characters will receive a free Destiny Point that can be spent (not burned) during their perspective scene. This gives the perspective character’s player a little more control over the story they would like to tell along with the Game Master.

Perspective Characters

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