A Web of Loyalties

Chapter 1
Session 1

Each of these chapters will be told through Perspective Characters who will serve as the primary player characters of the players of the game. Chapter 1 served as an opportunity for the players to feel out their characters in a social setting. As Westeros is more gritty medieval than fantasy in nature, it was also an opportunity for the players to familiarize themselves with the feel of the game. As the title suggests, this campaign will be jam packed with political intrigue.


The first chapter opens through the eyes of Jarrek. The setting is that of the Ridgewatch banquet hall honoring the accension of Daera Tynnan to Lord of Ridgewatch.

All eight player characters were present, though the four players were in control of their Perspective Characters at this scene. Maester ff’s death is announced early on before the feast, followed quiclkly by the announcement of the first King’s Tourney since Robert Baratheon took the throne, so that the mood is not spoiled by bad news.

After the feast, Lord Daera addresses the people of Ridgewatch about a number of things. First, that Ser Uhric Baelish has been chosen as the champion of Ridgewatch for the tourney.

He then introduces his bridge to be, Lady Anya Cassel to those gathered before him. There is a moment where Lady Anya’s eyes seem to fix on one particular person in the crowd…and then back to her soon to be husband.

Lord Daera then brings up the public issues that rumours have been spreading about. Namely, the trouble that has come from one of the worest winters House Tynnan has ever seen. Not worse because of it’s length, but due to it’s circumstances. The hamlets have been devastated, as have the armies of House Tynnan. Many heroic figures in service to the House have perished, including the late Lord Ballick Tynnan, The Master at Arms and the Captain of the Guard.

To make things worse, this winter has depleted all the stores of Ridgewatch. The castle simply cannot handle a summer with all of it’s common subjects living within it’s walls. He declares that it’s time to settle the matters with the enemies of their land and fix the life that has been destroyed. He eludes to many tasks that will be ahead of them, but does not make this public knowledge.

Isaac Eben is raised to his father’s position of Master at Arms. In the closing moments of this chapter, Jarrek watches as his father’s position of Captain of the Guard is offered to Ser Joffrey Hunter instead of him.

Session 1


The prologue was set up much the same as the Song of Ice & Fire books started. Each prologue gave the reader a taste of something that would later become significant to the series as a whole.

The prologue began with two nobles boys sneaking away from the Refort at night seeking a bit of fun and a hint of danger. Jon Redfort, the fourth born son of Lord Horton Redfoot had the bright idea to investigate a peculiar sight he noticed earlier that day. They were traveling out in the woodlands on hunting lessons when he spotted a series of what looked like various items hanging from trees. His instructor thought it not wice to pursue this further, and so they returned home. Jon laid in bed for hours trying to ignore his urges of curiosity until these urges overcame him.

Realizing that he was not wise to travel alone, he took his friend Bran Coldwater along with him. While fleeing the city, the Redfort Guard at Post; Nolin, noticed the two boys sneaking out and took the free rider, Tom ‘Clubfoot’ along with him. They opted not to alert others that they were abandoning post.

The boys were well ahead of those who were in pursuit, and reached the sight Jon originally found peculiar. Jon led Bran closer to the sight, though the moonlight made it hard to see. Stumbling in the dark, Bran touched something cold that seemed to swing in the trees from the force of his arm. Positioning the light for better view, they saw it was half of a man’s corpse hanged by a rope. The other parts were missing as if torn off. As their eyes gazed around the sight, the boys realized this was not the only body hanging from the trees. There were another thirty or so. And then there was sound ahead.

Jon’s curiosity got the best of him and he thought it wise to get a better look. They found clansmen with red paint across their face. Turning to flee, they were sighted by the clansmen and pursued as they mounted up on steeds and took off. Fortunately the two hired guard of House Redfort had caught up by this point and through cooperation of all four they were able to flee the clansmen. They opted to ride the main road in hope that they would be free of any further situations.

Roughly a mile from the Redfort, they encountered three travelers on horseback. Two wore cloaks and the third wore armor. A knight, they considered for a moment. They chose to simply ride past, but they were halted by the Knight’s hail which proved to be an ambush.

As Jon explained the dangers ahead, the Knight smirked and revealed his appearance in the light. This was enough to make Jon’s eyes widen. “It’s you…” he said with bewilderment in his voice. At this point, Nolin was slaughtered by the two in cloaks and an injured Tom Clubfoot seemingly escaped. But the boy’s fates were now in the hands of the strange Knight and his murderous companions.


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