Connor Payton


Things True

  • Connor Payton is the last and only heir to House Payton.
  • Though Connor knows of the role of House Dannett in the overthrow of the House, he does not blame them.
  • Connor is a very friendly and idealistic squire. He wants to be the type of Knight seen in the fairy tales, not the type that wander Westeros.

Destiny Beliefs

  • Connor believes that Uhric Baelish is one of the most skilled combatants he has ever had the honor of seeing. He will do everything he can to learn from Uhric at this tournament without offending his own lord, Gregory Tynnan.
  • Connor believes that House Payton can be restored as a Vassal house to that of House Tynnan. To do so will require him gaining serious recognition and backing from the Tynnan family.
  • Connor believes that he is naturally gifted with people. He is eager to help Gregory with his personal tasks of diplomacy at King’s Landing.

Connor Payton

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