Things True

  • Traveled to Westeros as a crew member of Jarrek’s father’s ship.
  • When the crew disbanded, some of the Braavosi crew swore allegiance to the Baelish family. Others swore allegiance to the Tynnan family. A few, such as Dimori; became Sell Swords.
  • Dimori is well known for his ability to scout and gather information.
  • He is often recruited for tasks that would tamper with other’s moral guidelines.

Destiny Beliefs

  • Dimori believes that life as a sellsword is no place for an old man. Therefore, it’s time to find a position doing something with more reliability.
  • Dimori would like to one day like to be the Captain of his own ship, free as the wind.
  • Dimori believes that Jarrek has potential to continue on his father’s dreams. He will help him do so.




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