Lord Daera Tynnan


Things True

  • He is middle aged.
  • Daera is the eldest son born to Lord Ballick.
  • Born just a few short moments before his twin brother Gregory.
  • Was involved in the War of the Usurper; fought for Robert Baratheon.
  • No distinguishing actions worth noting.
  • Had a normal relationship with his lord father.
  • Currently married to his second wife, with no heirs.
  • His first wife was returned to her family because there were no children born to Daera.
  • There are three aunts and five uncles alive.
  • His relationship with his lord father more of a lord to soldier connection than a intimate one.
  • No current enemies of note besides the Mountain Men raiders.
  • Daera’s first wife was with child less than two years after she was wed to her second husband.
  • Daera retrieved his father’s body on the battlefield and gave him a proper funeral and burial.
  • Daera is respected within the realm of the Vale and known within King’s Landing.
  • He is ambitious to produce an heir at any cost.
  • Is sombre most of the time.
  • They say his great virtue is his honesty.
  • They say his great vice is his wrath.
  • He is tall, well-built, blonde shoulder length hair, with striking features.


  • Son of Ballick Tynnan
  • Elder Brother to Gregory Tynnan
  • Elder Brother to Otis Tynnan
  • Elder Brother to Aara Tynnan
  • Lord Daera Tynnan

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